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Individually composed music for your project

Movies, radio plays, games, podcasts, advertising, etc..

All of these media experience an invaluable added value through specially composed music, as this is the only way to optimally transport the desired emotions. In addition, your product, your brand becomes unique and receives a high recognition value.

A unique project

deserves a unique music!




I create custom compositions according to your wishes in different moods and styles. Present me your project and we discuss together in which direction it should be going. Or give me examples of existing music to bring me closer to your ideas.

You can find a selection of examples of my compositions under audio samples



Speaker or singer?

I would be happy to cast the right speakers or singers for your project, record them here in the studio, or work with you online. In addition to the technical realization, I also take over the artistic direction, so that everything fits perfectly in the end.



The compositions are created with the help of modern sound generators, samplers, synthesizers and, depending on the needs and budget, extended or even replaced by recordings of studio musicians.

A large network of musicians is available for this purpose.



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